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uPVC Skirting board

Our uPVC Plastic Skirting board is a fantastic product, We offer a full range of this skirting board, with a chamfered edge which can be reversed into a pencil edge skirting board, We have our Ogee Skirting board for a more classic look, and we also offer a Taurus profile. Each of these profiles are available in a few different formats.

Our Deeplas Reversible Skirting board, this is a high quality product with a lot of flexibility which will cater to any walls with a slight bend in them. This is our entry level skirting board at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality.

We also supply Deeplas Roomline, this beautiful uPVC Plastic skirting board has a wood grain effect, it's corrugated back gives a much more rigid feel to the skirting board, but can be doubled up to conceal any TV cables, alarm cables or Ethernet cables.

Our Ogee Skirting board is a high density skirting board, with a sculptured profile for a more traditional look, It is a very high quality heavy duty product and comes highly recommended. 
Our uPVC Plastic skirting boards come in a range of depths and styles to suit almost any home.

uPVC Architrave 

Each one of our suppliers of uPVC skirting board, also has a matching uPVC Plastic Architrave, This has the same high quality and same look with varying depths.

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