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Ram Board

  • Heavy Duty Temporary Floor Protection

  • New Wall Guard feature

  • Exclusive Vapor-Cure Technology

  • Flex-Fibre Technology

  • Spill Guard Technology

  • Lays out Fast

  • Non Staining

  • Reusable

  • Save on labour and damage repair



    Size : 965mm x 30.4m (29.4m2) Weight : 22kg Thickness : 1mm

Ram Board Rolls
Ramboard Tape

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ram Board made out of?

100% recycled fibers (cardboard, paper, reinforcers and ply-fibers).

How do I cut Ram Board?

a utility or stanley knife is recommended.

What tape should I use to join Ram Board seams?

For best results, we recommend our Seam Tape. alternatively any heavy duty construction grade tape will work, however the ram board seam tape is specially designed and highly recommended. 



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