Smart Home Security

The Yale Conexis L1 gives you full control of your door, it's smart technology allows you to configure, control, and unlock your door with your smartphone, via it's Bluetooth feature or the convenience of NFC Tags. 

For Ultimate piece of mind, you can send keys to friends, family and loved ones via a mobile app on your smartphone. No more worrying about your children having a key on the way home from school, from their friends house, No wondering if they got home safely while your at work. The Yale Conexis L1 is the perfect solution, not only does it grant access to anyone you choose, it also logs their access, so you can tell who has been and who has gone.

The new twist and go functionality you can have your front door unlocked before your even out of your car. No more fiddling about with keys in the rain, or with your hands full of shopping. Simply press a button, or use the convenient Key tags, phone tags or card. 

Specification Sheet

Yale Conexis Specification Sheet

Simple to fit

Easy to fit - DIY

The Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock has been engineered for easy installation. It only takes a screwdriver, smartphone and 20 minuites.

Battery Operated

Battery Operated

Powered by 4 x AA Batteries and a warning when their running low.

Once the warning is issued you should then simply change the batteries.

Controlled with app

The Yale Lock App

Configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your smartphone via our secure Bluetooth app. Which is compatible with Android or Apple Devices.

9v Battery backup

Battery Back-up

A 9v Battery connection port can be used to power the Smart Door Lock in the event that you have been unable to change your standard batteries. 

Anti Tamper

Tamper Alarm

Deters potential intruders with a loud alarm. Giving you an extra level of security which is not given with a conventional lock.

secure push button

Secure Push & Turn Thumb turn

Engineered to give additional convenience and security to your door. The Secure push and turn makes it harder for intruders to gain access from the letterbox, or prevents children opening the door.



Keyless operation


Say goodbye to keys with the Conexis L1, your smartphone is now your key. No need to leave keys under a mat or worry about replacing them if they go missing.

yale guarentee

2 Year Guarentee

With UK Customer Support.

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Yale Smart Alarm

The Yale Smart Home Alarm system is built with you in mind, it allows you to arm and disarm your system, or view images inside of your home through the PIR Image camera. Seamlessly integrated with your Mobile phone via an app, this really is the state of the art alarm system. No more worrying about forgetting alarm, or remembering if your house sitter has set the alarm on holiday. 

Yale Smart Alarm Specification Sheet

Yale Home View

Our Yale Home view system can be mounted anywhere internally in your house, it's Pan Tilt Zoom camera is a perfect choice if you want to keep an eye on your home when your out, or just making sure your children or pets are okay when your out with the baby sitter. A perfect example of home security brought to your phone.

Yale Home View Camera Specification Sheet

Yale CCTV System

The Yale Smart HD CCTV System provides ultimate piece of mind, allows you to view and protect your home anywhere in the world at any time. It is controlled via the free yale CCTV App. Can even be used in your home, perfect if you hear a noise and feel insecure on the night-time. 

Yale CCTV Specification Sheet