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Yale Smart Home Systems

The Future is here

Our Yale Smart home security system is designed with you in mind, We have a range of products, including our featured Yale Conexis L1 Lock, this lock not only gives you fantastic security, but it's keyless operation, it's wireless technology and it's versitility makes this lock a must in a modern day environment. 

The lock is controlled via your android or apple mobile phone application, with this app you can send digital keys to friends, family or loved ones, No more kids leaving their keys at home on the morning, or no more worrying if the door has been locked, with an additional wireless module installed, the lock can be even controlled with Alexa or Google home.

In addition to mobile phone unlocking, the lock can be opened with NFC Tags, either stuck on the back of your mobile phone, with a keycard, or with a key fob. These 3 options eliminate fiddling with keys in the rain or on a cold winters day. 

Home Alarm Systems

Smart Alarms 

Our Yale Smart Alarms are part of our smart living technology, giving you control over your alarm system with a mobile phone, the simple installation involves planning sensor locations, connecting the system to your mobile phone then everything is done from there, you can test the sensors with the "Walk By" Feature on your mobile phone. Really giving you a sense of security.

It operates on a 868mhz frequency which is tightly controlled, resulting in a clearer channel with less interference.

Your components are already pre-linked to the smart hub, this makes installation simple and efficient.

Additional features such as Part Arming, mean you can secure the downstairs of your house whilst you can move freely upstairs during the night.

The system is expandable, and can control upto 20 devices to tailor the system to suit your needs. Including 6PIR Image/video cameras

All of this with ease of installation and more with the extra added bonus of No Monthly fees!

CCTV and Home Viewing

Yale CCTV System with Home View

Our Yale Smart Camera technology is really a fantastic way to add that extra touch of security outside your home with the CCTV System, also we offer an internal camera system, perfect for keeping an eye on pets whilst your out, checking on the baby with the babysitter, or just wanting to make sure your teenagers are safe and well if you've left them home alone. 

Home View Cameras

Our Smart home view cameras from Yale offer you piece of mind, allowing you to view inside your home from your smartphone in HD 720p Quality. It features a full colour day vision and an 8 meter enhanced night vision for low light conditions. It's 2 way Audio means you can easily use it as an intercom to communicate from outside your home, or even double it up as a baby monitor.

If you are out of your home and want to be alerted who comes in and whey they come in, you can enable the Motion detection feature, which is fantastic when combined with the Pan Tilt Zoom, so you can control your cameras position using your 3g or 4g connection, and the cameras Wifi connection.

It is easy to install and with no monthly fee, this is the obvious choice for internal home security.

Smart CCTV System

The Yale Smart CCTV System is the perfect way to secure your full home, you are able to view and record through your TV which is perfect for anyone who has concerns about who's knocking at the door. Not only does it offer local viewing through the TV, it can be linked with the Yale App via your android or apple phone, this enables remote viewing, a perfect security option for when your away from home, or even if you wanted to investigate a noise outside when your in bed, without the danger of going downstairs. 

A pre-installed Hard drive includes the ability to record footage, whilst the USB port lets you back up this recorded footage to a USB or External Hard drive, perfect for any evidence which is required.

Our Yale Camera is adaptable and can be used in any condition, both inside and outside, it's 30 meter Enhanced night vision is perfect for most domestic use, whilst it's High Definition video is ideal for capturing intruders in any scenario.