Tuesday 10th December – 12 days of christmas…

Ladies & Gentleman, it’s not very often we have musical royalty in the offices here at MB DIY, despite what our Marketing Manager Steve may claim – so today we are truly blessed! With us today we have the one and only ‘Elton Tom’ performing his favourite Christmas hit in some erm… shall we say style…?! Visit […]

Monday 9th December – 12 days of christmas…

Our Decor Business Development Manager Mick Noteyoung is retiring this Christmas, almost 24 years to the day he first started with us; he’s a real character and we won’t half miss him when he leaves us for his armchair, slippers and crosswords… (Sorry Mick, couldn’t resist!!) Now Mick is well known as a bit of […]

12 Days of Christmas Competition

MB DIY ‘FINISH THE LYRICS’ CHRISTMAS COMPETITION You know what we’re like here at MB DIY – we just LOVE Christmas! We’ve been counting down the days till we can fill the office with Christmas songs and festive cheer, and that gave us a rather nifty idea for a Christmas competition. Starting on Monday the […]

MB DIY & Yale 21 years together

Yale and MB DIY reinforce 21-year partnership with Yale showcase at new facility

Yale and MB DIY reinforce 21-year partnership with Yale showcase at new facility. The strong partnership between Yale Door and Window Solutions and its long-term customer MB DIY, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium home improvement products, has been underlined after MB DIY decided to present Yale products in pride of place in […]

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