Tuesday 10th December – 12 days of christmas…

Ladies & Gentleman, it’s not very often we have musical royalty in the offices here at MB DIY, despite what our Marketing Manager Steve may claim – so today we are truly blessed! With us today we have the one and only ‘Elton Tom’ performing his favourite Christmas hit in some erm… shall we say style…?! Visit […]

Monday 9th December – 12 days of christmas…

Our Decor Business Development Manager Mick Noteyoung is retiring this Christmas, almost 24 years to the day he first started with us; he’s a real character and we won’t half miss him when he leaves us for his armchair, slippers and crosswords… (Sorry Mick, couldn’t resist!!) Now Mick is well known as a bit of […]

12 Days of Christmas Competition

MB DIY ‘FINISH THE LYRICS’ CHRISTMAS COMPETITION You know what we’re like here at MB DIY – we just LOVE Christmas! We’ve been counting down the days till we can fill the office with Christmas songs and festive cheer, and that gave us a rather nifty idea for a Christmas competition. Starting on Monday the […]

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