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Allen Key Sets

Allen key sets, also known as hex key sets, are an essential toolset for any DIY enthusiast, professional mechanic, or handyman. These versatile tools are designed to tighten and loosen hexagonal socket screws. This makes them indispensable for a wide range of tasks, from assembling furniture to repairing bicycles. At MB DIY, we offer the most reliable Allen Key Sets, including Hex Key Sets, Ball End Allen Key, Folding Allen Key Set, and much more. If you’re unsure about the most appropriate Allen Key Set for your requirements, please reach out to one of our sales representatives, who will be more than happy to help you.


Set of Allen Keys

A standard set of Allen keys is a must-have for any toolbox, as it typically includes multiple L-shaped hexagonal wrenches in a range of sizes, from small (1.5mm) to large (10mm) or even larger for specific applications. These keys are manufactured from high-quality materials like chrome-vanadium steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear. Allen key sets may feature metric or imperial sizes, or a combination of both, to accommodate various requirements.

An example of a common use for Allen keys is assembling flat-pack furniture, such as desks, shelves, or chairs. These items often come with hexagonal socket screws, which require Allen keys for proper assembly. Using the appropriate size Allen key, you can easily fasten the screws, ensuring a secure and stable final product. In addition to furniture assembly, Allen keys are also essential for various DIY projects, bicycle repairs, and automotive maintenance tasks. Their versatility makes them a crucial addition to any toolkit, helping you tackle a wide array of jobs with ease and precision.

Colour Coded Hex Keys

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our newest Hex Key set, boasting nine uniquely color-coded keys in varying sizes, each featuring a ball-end head for optimal functionality. These eye-catching, easy-to-distinguish keys simplify your work process by allowing you to effortlessly slide the key into the receiving slot and access an offset angle of 20 degrees. This innovative design enables rapid location of the required position, even in demanding workspaces.

The Colour Coded Hex Key set is perfect for situations where you encounter blind spots, difficult-to-reach areas, or obstructed screws. Covering a comprehensive range of sizes from 1.5mm to 10mm, these keys are expertly crafted from top-quality Chrome Vanadium Steel, ensuring remarkable strength and lasting durability. The vivid color-coding system not only makes identification and size selection a breeze, but the ball-end heads also facilitate quick and easy operation at various angles.

Ball End Allen Key

A Ball End Allen Key is known for its signature rounded tips, which provide a significant advantage when working at various angles in comparison to regular Allen keys. These innovative keys are designed to be inserted into hexagonal sockets at angles of up to 25 degrees, making it easier to access fasteners in hard-to-reach or awkward positions. Their exceptional functionality proves particularly useful in tight spaces where using a standard straight hex key might be challenging or impossible. A Ball End Allen Key offers a versatile and efficient solution for situations that traditional Allen keys cannot effectively address.

For instance, when assembling a piece of furniture like a bookshelf, you may encounter a hexagonal socket screw located in a tight corner where two panels intersect. The limited space and angle make it difficult to use a standard straight hex key. A ball end Allen key, however, is the ideal tool for such a scenario. Its rounded tip enables insertion into the hexagonal socket at an angle, granting the flexibility needed to manoeuvre around the tight corner and secure the screw effortlessly. This unique design establishes the ball end Allen key as an indispensable tool for tasks where a standard hex key falls short.

Folding Allen Key Set

Introducing the Stanley Folding Hexagon Allen Key Set, an ingenious solution for keeping your hex keys secure and organized. Each key is stored in a size-marked order, making it simple to identify the right tool for your specific application. With a black phosphate finish and a chamfered edge, this Hex Allen key set ensures a smooth and easy entry into the hex key.

The folding Allen key set offers a space-saving, portable alternative to the traditional L-shaped keys. Each set features an assortment of hex keys housed within a folding handle, reminiscent of a Swiss Army knife. This innovative design not only simplifies key organisational functions but also provides extra leverage for various tasks. The folding Allen key set is an ideal choice for on-the-go repairs or situations where storage space is limited.

This particular set includes eight keys in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 8mm. The bi-material grip offers enhanced comfort during use, while the chamfered tip aids in accurate location. The black phosphate finish ensures protection against corrosion, and the size-marked order of the keys allows for effortless access and identification. Equip yourself with the Stanley Folding Hexagon Allen Key Set and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings to your toolbox.

Allen Key Sets: A Must-Have Addition to Your Toolbox

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, investing in a quality Allen key set is a wise decision. From standard sets to specialised options like ball end or folding designs, there’s an Allen key set out there to suit your needs. By selecting the right set for your toolbox, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle a wide range of tasks, making your work more efficient and enjoyable.

At MB DIY, we offer the most reliable Allen Key Sets, including Hex Key Sets, Ball End Allen Key, Folding Allen Key Set, and much more!

If you’re unsure about the most appropriate Allen Key Set for your requirements, please reach out to one of our sales representatives, who will be more than happy to help you.


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