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A cylinder lock is a type of lock that uses a cylinder to lock and unlock a door. The cylinder, a cylindrical metal component, houses the keyway and the locking mechanism. Inserting the correct key into the keyway turns the cylinder, locking or unlocking the door (depending on the cylinder’s position). Commonly, doors that need a key for opening, such as residential, commercial doors, and storage units, use Door cylinders. Padlocks and other lock types requiring a key for opening also employ them. At MB DIY, we provide a variety of Cylinder Locks, including an Oval Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn, High-security cylinder door locks, Thumb turn euro cylinder, a Keyed Alike Euro Cylinder, and more!


The 2 Most Common Types of Door Cylinders:

Several types of cylinder exist, each designed for a specific purpose and specification. Notably, MB DIY stocks the two most popular types: Euro Profile Cylinders and Oval Cylinder Lock Thumb Turns, both of which are ready for shipment.

  • Euro profile cylinders conform to a specific set of dimensions and standards established by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Popular in Europe and increasingly in other regions, these cylinders fit lock cases designed with a euro profile cylinder cut-out.
  • The Oval Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn, the second most popular type, requires lock cases with an oval cylinder cut-out for proper use. Unlike the Euro Profile Cylinder, it boasts an oval shape and unique dimensions, making it incompatible with Euro Profile Cylinders and necessitating the correct lock case.

3 Types of Cylinders, With 3 Levels of Security: 

The cylinder’s security rating indicates its effectiveness in resisting tampering, picking, and other physical attacks. Generally speaking, the more pins a cylinder lock contains and the higher its security rating, the more secure it tends to be.

  • A 6-pin cylinder lock operates using a cylinder mechanism. This cylinder houses a series of pins that need aligning in a specific manner to unlock. The pin count within the cylinder varies, and a 6-pin cylinder includes six pins.
  • A 1 star euro security cylinder, rated for its security level, participates in a rating system that spans from 1 to 3 stars, with 3 stars representing the highest security level. A cylinder with a 1-star rating is seen as offering the lowest security.
  • High security cylinders, rated for their high security level, top the scale. They are deemed more secure than both 1-star and 2-star cylinders.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that no cylinder is entirely immune to attacks. Importantly, the suitable security level depends on the specific risks and situations you aim to safeguard against.

The 4 Types of Door Cylinders:

Different locks exist to meet various needs, with some designed for higher security and others for ease of use. These differences necessitate the wide range of lock types available.

  • A Double Cylinder lock, which requires a key for operation from both the inside and outside, is typically used on doors with glass panes to enhance security.
  • The Half Cylinder lock, featuring a smaller visible cylinder on the door’s exterior, secures the latch bolt. This lock is commonly paired with a deadbolt for increased security and is named for its partial visibility.
  • The Thumb turn euro cylinder offers convenience by allowing opening from the inside with a thumb turn instead of a key. It suits doors where high security isn’t crucial, providing easy exit during emergencies.
  • The Keyed Alike Euro Cylinder Lock, which operates multiple locks with a single key, eliminates the need for multiple keys, simplifying access to various locks.

Determining the Size of Your Cylinder:

To select the correct cylinder lock, you must measure the screw’s diameter and length. This can be done with a calliper or a ruler.

Start by identifying where you’ll take the measurement. Use the calliper or ruler to mark the middle of each side of the cylinder. If the central screw aligns exactly in the middle, you’re dealing with an inline screw featuring a 35/35 centre split. Composite doors typically use inline screw cylinders.

The second variety is the Offset screw centre, named so because the centre screws on either side of the cylinder don’t match. An example is a cylinder with a 45/55 centre split, often found on uPVC doors. To figure out the offset, insert the screw into its hole and measure the gap from the screw’s centreline to the hole’s centreline using either a ruler or calliper.

Unlock the Path to Enhanced Protection:

Cylinder secure doors and other items using a cylinder mechanism. These locks are commonly used on doors and other objects requiring security. Their popularity stems from the ease of installation and the ability to unlock them with a key. Additionally, replacing a cylinder lock is straightforward, whether due to damage or the desire for an upgrade to a higher security lock. For those seeking a simple yet effective security solution for their doors and belongings, cylinder are an excellent option.

At MB DIY, we offer a range of Door Cylinders, such as an Oval Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn, High security cylinder door locks, Thumb turn euro cylinder, a Keyed Alike Euro Cylinder, and more!

If you’re still unsure which cylinder lock is best for you, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.


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