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Door Hinges

Door hinges are a type of hardware that are used to attach a door to a frame and allow the door to swing open and closed. They consist of two metal plates with a pin or rod connecting them. One plate is attached to the door, while the other plate is attached to the frame. When the door is opened, the pin pivots, allowing the door to swing in or out. A Door hinge may come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different types of doors and applications. They can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, brass, and bronze. At MB DIY, we offer the most durable Door Hinges, including Composite, French, and uPVC Door Hinges. We even offer a Door Hinge Protector for added security.


Exploring the Many Types of Door Hinges

There are several types of door hinges, such as a Butt Hinge, Flag Hinge, T Flag Hinge, and more. Each one serves a distinct role and purpose.

Butt Hinge

A Butt Hinge is a type of hinge that is used to attach two objects together, such as a door to a door frame. The hinge consists of two leaves, or flaps, that are connected by a pin. The leaves are typically made of metal, and the pin allows the two leaves to pivot relative to each other. The purpose of a butt hinge is to allow the objects that are attached to it to swing open and closed. It is called a “butt” hinge because the leaves of the hinge are positioned next to each other, or “butted” up against each other, when the hinge is closed. Butt hinges are commonly used on doors, gates, and other objects that need to swing open and closed.

Flag Hinge

A Flag Hinge is a type of hinge that is designed to allow a door or other hinged object to be easily removed from its frame. It consists of a hinge pin that is mounted on a bracket that is attached to the door or other object, and a receptacle that is mounted on the frame. The hinge pin can be easily removed by pulling it out of the receptacle, allowing the door or other object to be lifted off the frame. Flag hinges are often used in situations where it is necessary to remove the door or other object frequently, such as in the case of electrical panels, cabinets, or other equipment that requires regular maintenance or access.

T Flag Hinge

A T Flag Hinge is a type of hinge that is shaped like the letter T when viewed from the side. It is typically used to hinge doors that are flush with the surrounding frame or surface. This is because the T-shaped hinge allows the door to sit flush with the frame when it is closed. The purpose of a T flag hinge is to provide a hidden or concealed hinge that allows the door to open and close smoothly while also maintaining a clean and seamless look. T flag hinges are ideal for doors that need to be easily detached.

Overall, the function of door hinges is to allow a door to swing open and closed. Different types of hinges are used depending on the weight of the door, the frequency of use, and the desired look.

2D Adjustment vs 3D Adjustment

All of the aforementioned hinges above have differing degrees of adjustability and are referred to as “2D Adjustment Hinge” and “3D Adjustment Hinge.”

A 2D Adjustment Hinge is a type of hinge that allows for movement in two dimensions. This means that the hinge can be adjusted in two planes, typically up and down, and left or right. It also allows an object to be tilted or rotated in two directions. These types of hinges are often used for aligning doors or other objects that need to be level and plumb.

A 3D Adjustment Hinge offers an additional adjustment axis that may be moved forward or backward. This adjustment regulates the degree to which the door fits snugly into the hinge side of the frame. If this is too tight, the door will not shut correctly, resulting in the hinge binding. However, if the door is not properly closed, draughts may enter through the door.

External Door Hinges: A Deep Dive into the Different Types

The main function of external door hinges is to allow the door to be easily opened and closed while providing stability and support. They are usually made of metal or a sturdy uPVC and are attached to the door and door frame. External door hinges come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different types of doors and applications.

uPVC Door Hinges

uPVC Door Hinges are hinges designed specifically for use with uPVC doors. uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic commonly used in the construction of windows and doors. The purpose of uPVC door hinges is to allow the door to swing open and closed. uPVC door hinges are typically made of stainless steel or another type of metal and are designed to be strong and durable, as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also often adjustable, allowing for the door to be properly aligned and function smoothly.

Composite Door Hinges

Composite door Hinges are a type of hinge that is used to hang a composite door, which is a type of door made from a mixture of materials, typically including wood, plastic, and glass fibre. The hinge is used to attach the door to the door frame and allows the door to swing open and closed. The function of a composite door hinge is to provide a pivot point for the door and to support the weight of the door as it is opened and closed. The hinge also helps to keep the door in place and prevent it from swinging too far or coming off its hinges. Composite door hinges are typically made from durable materials such as stainless steel or brass and are designed to withstand the weight and wear and tear of frequent use.

French Door Hinges

French Door Hinges are hinges that are designed specifically for use on French doors. French doors are a type of door that consists of two narrow doors that are hinged together and open outward from the centre, like a pair of double doors. French door hinges are designed to allow the doors to swing open smoothly and easily, while also providing a secure and stable connection between the doors and the door frame. They are typically made from durable materials like metal or stainless steel. Additionally, they may have a variety of features, such as adjustable tension or self-closing mechanisms. This helps the doors work in a smooth and steady way.

Door Hinge Protector

A Door Hinge Protector sits at the bottom of the door hinge, adding an extra layer of security to your door. The bolt is adjustable, ensuring a secure fit for doors of various sizes. It is easy to install and comes with a sleeve for added protection.

The door hinge protector is ideal for use in homes, offices, and other commercial buildings, providing added security. With its sleek design and durable construction, our MK1 Hinge Protector – Dogbone Eurogrove Version is the perfect solution for anyone looking to secure their door and protect their property. Order yours today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your door is protected.

Discover the Advantages of MB DIY’s Door Hinges for Your Property

Door hinges are an important component of a door, as they allow the door to swing open and closed and provide support for the door. If you have a door that is not functioning properly or the hinges are damaged, it may be necessary to purchase new hinges to repair the door. At MB DIY, we offer the most reliable Internal and External Door Hinges, including Composite Door Hinges, French Door Hinges, uPVC Door Hinges, and more!

If you are having trouble choosing the correct hinge, please contact a member of our sales staff who will gladly help you.


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