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Panel Stone Cladding

It’s time to bring personality to your home! PanelStone, by PanelPiera®, is your best bet for exterior and interior design. With its versatility and durability, you’ll never have to worry about choosing the wrong product. Not only will it completely remodel your property, but it will also be very easy to install and maintain. PanelStone is available in a range of designs and finishes, allowing you to update your walls without having to replaster. A Class 0 product, meaning it meets the maximum level of fire resistance. Products with this accreditation can be used in places such as evacuation routes, giving designers more creative licence while still guaranteeing user safety. At MB DIY, we offer the most stylish and robust PanelStone, in Brick Cladding, Classic Cladding, Concrete Cladding and much more! With these panels, you and your family can enjoy a beautiful new facade, a completely renovated home, or just the perfect decoration for your living room wall.


Description of the Product

It’s a dovetail panel system like a puzzle suitable for Inside and outside wall’s coverings:

Composition of the Panel:

  • First layer:

It’s a layer of 3-5 millimetres of concrete polymer in a base of stone called “STONE” composed of a mix of 15% of resin with their appropriate catalyst and the 85 % of arids (calcium carbonate, dolomites, silicates, alumines, melanin’s and fire-resistant additives)

  • Second Layer:

The second Layer is composed of an injection of polyurethane foam with opened cell that provides to the panel a very good thermic and acoustic insulation. Called “Polyurethane”

Applications of the Product

Panels are in great demand by Architects, Decorators, Designers, Promoters, DIY centres, Decoration Shops…

  • Inside Installation:

All kind of building: Houses, shops, restaurants, hotels, chain stores, Showrooms, Halls, Offices etc.,

  • Outside Installation:

All kind of building: Facades, terraces.


PanelStone is not only more realistic and attractive than PVC panels, but it also has several advantages, such as:

  • Great Quality:

One of StonePanel®- PanelPiera® key properties is its high quality (re: textures, colours, strength). This combined with the creativity of our designers and innovations of our engineers allow us to differentiate us in the marketplace and be one of the most competitive panel manufacturers worldwide.

  • Installation:

It is quick and easy. Due to the panels size (1 Sqm) and lightweight panels are easy to handle. It requires just one person to install them. It doesn’t require professional labour for installation. (See installation instructions here)

  • Perfect Finish:

Its composition (stone + polyurethane) together with the paint used (iron oxides), makes a perfect texture and high-quality finish over time.

  • Good Thermal and Acoustic Insulation:

Panelpiedra® panels are made with polyurethane injection with open cell (This material, “polyurethane” is one of the best acoustic and thermal insulators that exists in the market.

  • Low Maintenance:

No maintenance required. Panels’ composition does not allow the generation of moisture and/or bacteria.

  • Transportation:

Lightweight panel (6-7 Kg) and panels’ size makes the product easy to transport. It does not require a special vehicle.

Styles of PanelStone Cladding

PanelStone is available in a variety of finishes. Choose from a wide range of designs to help make any area in your home a welcoming station. These panels are made to be easily installed and can be fitted over existing tiles. This result is low maintenance cost, and little to no upkeep in the short run.

PanelStone Brick Cladding

PanelStone Brick Cladding look surprisingly like an actual brick wall. diverse styles, such as ancient, damaged, and British-style brickwork. They are available in various designs including old, battered, and British-style bricks. These wall brick panels are ideal for both urban and rural settings due to their gorgeous and wonderful appearance, which conveys a sense of refinement. They are also suitable for usage in studios and workplaces. Brick has long been the chosen building material, and it continues to provide buildings with the strength and longevity that distinguish them today.

PanelStone Classic Cladding

The PanelStone Classic Cladding is made up of many bits of stone that replicate finishes suitable for cottages, apartments, country residences, and other regions. When it comes to portraying a peaceful environment, our selection of stone-look panels is an excellent choice. Because of the range of colours and tones available, such as imitation white stone, black stone, grey, and various shades of brown, the coatings classic collection is the perfect option to bring a distinctive touch to your room. This stone-like panel set may be utilised in both homes and businesses to create a calm and safe environment while also delivering an excellent appearance.

PanelStone Concrete Cladding

PanelStone Concrete Cladding mimic real-world building effects or materials, such as concrete or cement, to create a variety of forms and textures to adorn homes or commercial facilities. Do not be misled by the term “synthetic,” which does not suggest that these walls are ugly or have a poor aesthetic effect. Instead, they are formed of a great blend of materials such as concrete, stone, and cement, which when combined produce shapes that will please the eye and deliver diverse environmental sensations depending on the shapes, sizes, and styles of the chosen panel.

Why Choose PanelStone Cladding?

After more than 40 years in the Wall panelling decorating business, Industrias JIMAN Panel Piedra has always been devoted to design and quality, which are critical aspects in satisfying our customers’ expectations. Their decorative panels, such as our Stone panel, make your house more comfortable and cosier by transmitting a warm impression. What’s more, they can be put nearly everywhere, from the living room to the office, bath, or balcony. Panelpiedra® panels has a global presence in over 30 countries and are experts in stone panel decoration. If you’re having trouble locating the right panel for you, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.


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