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plastic gutters

Plastic Gutters are shallow tubes with a thin channel designed to catch rainwater flowing off your roof. They prevent rainwater from entering your home and protect the foundation from persistent rain. In addition to reducing erosion, Plastic Gutters will enhance the aesthetics of your property. You will certainly find one in various sizes, styles, and colours that complements your home’s exterior décor. Moreover, installing, maintaining, and replacing Gutters is simple. All its pieces feature a “snap or push-fit” design, allowing you to assemble the complete system without needing a professional fitter. Additionally, replacing a section instead of the entire guttering system can save a lot of money. At MB DIY, we provide the most stylish and robust Plastic Gutters including the premium Square Gutter, Ogee Gutter, Deep Flow Gutter, and more!


Benefits of Plastic Gutters

  • Increase Kerb Appeal:

    • They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, letting you make a statement with your dream home.
  • Have a Smooth Interior:

    • They are far less prone to damage and corrosion over time because they have fewer creases where water might gather
  • Easier to Clean:

    • You can easily clean debris and leaves accumulated over time, thanks to fewer creases and sharp edges.
  • Low Maintenance:

    • Once installed, Plastic Gutters will need very little maintenance as they are less likely to leak.
  • Can Handle Any Weather:

    • Plastic Gutters are excellent for handling heavy rain or snowfall, withstanding any weather thanks to their tough design.

Types of Plastic Gutters

Installing any gutter on a house typically remains the same; however, the type, style, and colour can vary significantly. For instance, we offer a variety of gutters, including Square Gutter, Ogee Gutter, Deep Flow Gutter, and more. Each design uniquely provides homeowners with the perfect gutter system for their home’s architecture and requirements. Browse through our extensive selection and choose the right one for you. If you’re still unsure about which one you need, a member of our exceptional team will happily assist you.

Square Gutter

A Square Gutter provides protection for your roof and can be used to give your home a distinctive look and feel. Made to last, a square gutter won’t leak and will keep transporting water away from your home for years. It can also be customised however you like, whether you require a large or a smaller guttering system. Choose the one that best suits your home, and never worry about leaks again. With a larger drainage capacity than traditional gutters, Square Gutters are the ones you should get if you reside in an area that receives heavy rainfall. Plastic square gutters are simple to maintain, clean, and install, and can be installed without the assistance of a professional.

Ogee Gutter

Ogee Gutters can unify the appearance of your home. In fact, they can greatly enhance your home’s look without breaking the bank. Any guttering system with a double curve in the shape of an extended “S” is referred to as Ogee Gutters. They also have all the benefits of a Square Gutter with a more decorative appearance due to their elegant front and flat back and bottom. Originally used in the Victorian era by the well-to-do portion of society, this system is renowned for enhancing your home’s appeal. In addition, the symmetrical design of the Ogee Gutter avoids the need to carry a variety of left- and right-hand brackets.

Deep Flow Gutter

A Deep Flow Gutter is designed specifically to overcome the issues that half-round gutters face with heavy rainfall. Indeed, Deep Flow Gutters will prevent the most powerful downpours from inflicting further damage on your walls. In addition to preparing your home for the severe rainy season, they will improve its general beauty. A deep gutter profile is visually very similar but has a deeper channel that allows it to handle larger volumes of water.

Why Choose Plastic Guttering?

With our wide variety of Plastic Gutters, we have the perfect solution for you. Plastic Gutters can outperform other solutions made from metal or aluminium because their surface is less prone to scratches, dents, and flaws. It will also be less prone to corrosion and will last you a very long time. Another benefit is that replacement parts for uPVC gutters are easy to find and inexpensive. Plastic Gutters can be found in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. Select the best one for your house by browsing our extensive selection. At MB DIY, we provide the most stylish and robust Plastic Gutters including the premium Square Gutter, Ogee Gutter, Deep Flow Gutter, and more! If you’re still having difficulties finding the perfect gutters for your home, please contact one of our expert guttering consultants for free technical assistance.