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Window restrictors are the ultimate solution for ensuring the safety of your loved ones. They are safety devices that limit the opening distance of a window, preventing it from fully opening beyond a certain point. Whether you’re a parent, a caregiver, or a school administrator, protecting children and vulnerable individuals is of the utmost importance. The added security benefits of restrictors are undeniable. Not only do they limit the opening distance of windows, but they also make it much more difficult for intruders to gain access to your property. In addition, installation is a breeze, as window restrictors can easily fit almost any window type, including uPVC, wooden, and composite windows. Plus, with a range of types and designs, you can find the perfect match to suit your needs and requirements. At MB DIY, we provide the most robust uPVC Window Restrictors, including cable, concealed, a Jackloc window restrictor, to enhance your home or office security.


Exploring the Different Types to Secure Your Space:

There are several types of restrictors available on the market with their own unique design and mechanism. Below are some of the most common types:

  • Cable window restrictors:
  • Concealed window restrictors:
  • Folding window restrictors:

Cable Window Restrictors:

Cable window restrictors are a highly effective and practical solution to enhance the safety of any property. They are designed to limit the opening distance of a window, thus preventing it from opening fully beyond a certain point. This in turn helps prevent accidents and injuries caused by falls from windows.

In addition to their safety benefits, cable window restrictors also offer a number of advantages in terms of security. By limiting the opening distance of windows, these devices make it more difficult for intruders to gain access to a property, providing an added layer of protection for your home or business. This is especially important in settings where vulnerable individuals are present, such as care homes, hospitals, and schools.

Concealed Window Restrictors:

Concealed window restrictors are an innovative solution to enhance the safety and security of any property, without compromising on the aesthetics of the window. These safety devices are designed to be installed within the window frame or sash, making them invisible to the naked eye. This means that they do not interfere with the visual appearance of the window, providing a clean and minimalist look.

They are also suitable for use on most types of windows, such as uPVC, Timber and Composite. Concealed window Restrictors are both secure and visually beautiful, as they enable you to concentrate on the original design of the window. Contact MB DIY today to learn more about our concealed window restrictors and how they can benefit your property.

Folding Window Restrictors:

These types of restrictors are designed to fold back when not in use, providing a neat and unobtrusive appearance. They come in different styles, like telescopic and multi-link, and can be used on different kinds of windows.

Choosing the right type of window restrictor will depend on your specific requirements, the type of window you have, and your budget. You can make sure you choose the right type of window restrictor for your needs by talking to a professional.

uPVC Window Restrictors

At MB DIY, we offer a wide range of uPVC window restrictors from various manufacturers. However, the two most popular brands are the Jackloc Window Restrictor and the Boa Window Restrictor. Both are made from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet safety and security standards. They are also effective at preventing accidents and improving the overall security of your property.

Jackloc Window Restrictor:

The Jackloc Window Restrictor is a high-quality and reliable restrictor that is manufactured in the UK. It is easy to install and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The Jackloc Window Restrictor can be fitted to most types of windows and is available in different finishes, including white, brown, and black.

Boa Window Restrictor:

The Boa Window Restrictor is another popular brand of window restrictor that is designed to provide safety and security for both residential and commercial applications. It is easy to install and is suitable for most types of windows. The Boa Window Restrictor features a concealed mechanism that provides a neat and unobtrusive appearance.

A Must-Have for Every Home

Installing window restrictors can provide numerous benefits. They can prevent accidents caused by falls from windows, particularly in households with children, the elderly, or vulnerable individuals. By limiting the opening distance of a window, a restrictor will reduce the risk of accidents, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

A Window restrictor is versatile and can be installed on a variety of window types, such as uPVC, Wooden, and Composite. They come in different designs and finishes to suit all of your specific requirements.

At MB DIY, we provide the most robust uPVC Window Restrictors, including cable, concealed, a Jackloc window restrictor, to enhance your home or office security.

If you are having trouble finding the ideal window restrictor for you, please contact a member of our sales staff, who would be happy to assist you.


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