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5mm Wall Panel Trims

5mm wall panel trims are specially designed to enhance and finish the edges of 5mm thick wall panels. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture resistance is essential. These trims not only improve the appearance of wall panels but also provide functional benefits like easy installation, moisture resistance, and low maintenance. Our 5mm Wall Panel Trims include Mid Joint, 1 Part and 2 Part, End Profile Trim, Internal and External Corner Trim, End and Starter trims. Offered in a variety of colours and styles, these selections seamlessly cater to your unique design preferences.


Unlocking the Benefits of Wall Panel Trims 5mm.

Wall panel trims, specifically 5mm trims, are used to finish and enhance the look of wall panels, providing a clean and professional appearance. They are typically used with 5mm thick wall panels, which are common in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture resistance is needed. Some benefits of using 5mm wall panel trims include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Wall panel trims help create a clean and polished look, hiding any uneven edges, gaps, or exposed adhesive.
  • Easy installation: These trims are lightweight and easy to work with, making installation quick and straightforward. They can be easily cut and adjusted to fit the required space.
  • Moisture resistance: Wall panel trims are designed to be water-resistant and can help prevent water ingress at panel joints, making them suitable for use in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Low maintenance: 5mm trims provide extra strength and support to the wall panels. They are easy to clean and resistant to mould, ensuring a long-lasting and hygienic finish.

Overall, 5mm wall panel trims provide a clean, durable, and low-maintenance solution to finish and protect your wall panels.

Navigating the World of 5mm Wall Panel Trims

When it comes to choosing the right 5mm wall panel trim, you have several options, each designed to suit different installation needs and help you achieve a perfect finish for your project. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of trims and their unique benefits.

Mid joint trims are perfect for joining two panels together seamlessly, creating a smooth transition between them. This ensures a continuous, attractive appearance without any visible gaps, ideal for larger spaces that require multiple wall panels. The result is clean lines and a professional look throughout.

For finishing the edges of wall panels, you can opt for either 1 Part or 2 Part End Profile Trims. The 1 Part trim is a single piece that easily fits over the panel edge, while the 2 Part trim consists of two separate pieces that lock together, offering additional support and durability. The 2 Part end profile trim is especially suitable for high-traffic areas or places where extra reinforcement is needed.

If you’re working with internal corners where two wall panels meet at a 90-degree angle, the internal corner trim is your go-to choose. It ensures that the panels fit together seamlessly and remain secure, providing a neat and clean finish. This trim is essential for achieving a professional look in tight corners, such as smaller bathrooms or kitchens.

On the other hand, the external corner trim is used for external corners where wall panels meet at an outward-facing angle. This trim not only provides a polished and professional look but also protects the edges of the wall panels from wear and tear. It’s an excellent choice for ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of your wall panels in any room layout.

Lastly, the end and starter trims are versatile options that can be used to finish the ends of wall panels or to begin a new row of panels. These trims come in handy when wall panels need to be neatly terminated at the end of a wall or when transitioning between rooms or wrapping around obstacles like windows or doors.

By understanding the various types of 5mm wall panel trims and their unique features, you can choose the right trim for your specific needs. With the right trim, you’ll achieve a flawless, engaging finish for your wall panels that’s easy to appreciate.

5mm Wall Panel Trims: A Great Choice for Your Space

5mm wall panel trims are a versatile and practical solution for enhancing the look and functionality of your wall panels. They offer aesthetic appeal, easy installation, moisture resistance, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. By choosing the appropriate trim type for your project, you can ensure a professional and durable finish that will last for years to come.

Our 5mm Wall Panel Trims include Mid Joint, 1 Part and 2 Part, End Profile Trim, Internal and External Corner Trim, End and Starter trims. Offered in a variety of colours and styles, these selections seamlessly cater to your unique design preferences.

Should you require assistance in selecting the appropriate trim for your requirements, please feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team, who would be more than happy to help.


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