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Hygiene Panel Trims

Hygiene panels play a crucial role in maintaining clean and sanitary environments, particularly in commercial properties, hospitals, and restaurants. These non-porous, easily cleanable surfaces allow for quick and efficient maintenance. Often referred to as plight sheets or hygienic wall panels, hygiene panels differ from traditional cladding. Instead of using a tongue and groove system, these large sheets rely on specially designed trims for seamless installation. At MB DIY, we offer a variety of Hygiene Panel Trims, including Starter Trim, Joints, External Corner, and Internal Corner for seamless and professional installations.


Hygiene panel trims are essential for the proper installation of hygiene panels, as they provide the only means to join these panels seamlessly. The installation process for these trims varies depending on the type of trim, with internal and external angle trims being fitted on top of the panels and end cap or H profile trims being fitted before the panels. Understanding the significance of hygiene panel trims ensures a successful and professional installation for your hygienic wall panels.

End Caps & H Trim installation

The installation process for end caps and H trims is straightforward, allowing for a secure and polished finish. Follow these simple steps to achieve the best results:

  • Measure and cut the trim: Determine the correct length for the trim, and carefully cut it to size.
  • Dry fit the trim: Before applying adhesive, ensure the trim fits properly by positioning it in place.
  • Apply adhesive: Spread adhesive evenly on the back of the trim and wait for the recommended curing time.
  • Seal the trim (optional): If the trim will be exposed to constant water ingress, apply a bead of silicone on the inside of the trim for extra protection.
  • Insert the hygiene panel: Gently slide the hygiene panel into the groove on the trim, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Installing External and Internal Trims

The installation process for external and internal trims is user-friendly and helps create a professional finish. Follow these straightforward steps to ensure a successful installation:

  • Install hygiene panels: Before applying the trims, make sure the hygiene panels are properly installed on the wall.
  • Measure and cut the trim: Determine the required length for the trim and carefully cut it to size.
  • Dry fit the trim: Position the trim in place without adhesive to ensure a proper fit.
  • Apply adhesive: Spread adhesive evenly on the back of the trim, ensuring full coverage for a strong bond.
  • Press the trim onto the panel: Firmly press the trim onto the wall panel to create a secure seal between the trim and the panel.
  • Seal the edge (optional): If there is a likelihood of water ingress, apply additional sealant to the edge of the trim for extra protection.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Four Main Types of Hygiene Panel Trims

Hygiene panel trims play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and professional installation of hygienic wall panels. Each of the four main types of trims has a distinct purpose and application, catering to various aspects of the installation process. Here’s a simplified overview of their functions:

Hygiene Panel Starter Trim / End Caps: Versatile and Functional Finishing Touches

Hygiene Panel Starter trims, or end caps, play a vital role in providing a clean and professional finish for hygienic wall panel installations. This ensures smooth transitions between surfaces and preventing sharp edges. Typical applications include spaces where only a portion of a wall is covered with a hygienic panel, such as kitchens. The end cap trim seamlessly bridges the gap between the panel and adjacent wall surfaces, enhancing appearance and contributing to panel safety and durability. By protecting panel edges from damage or wear, these trims help extend their lifespan and maintain their pristine appearance. Incorporating Hygiene Panel Starter trims in your project ensures a cohesive, professional, and secure finish, while also providing protection and visual appeal.

Hygiene Panel Joints / H Profile: Essential Connectors for Seamless Panel Installations

Hygiene Panel Joints, also known as H Profiles or mid-joints, are crucial components in hygienic wall panel installations. As these panels come in large sheets without a tongue and groove system, H Profiles bridge the gap between adjacent panels, creating a clean and seamless connection while maintaining a professional appearance. These connectors allow for efficient coverage of large wall areas while providing structural support and stability, ensuring long-lasting performance and ease of maintenance. Incorporating Hygiene Panel Joints or H Profiles in your installation is essential for achieving a professional, seamless, and sturdy setup that looks great and stands the test of time.

Hygiene Panel External Corner Trims: Enhancing Aesthetics and Protection

External corner trims, also known as external angle trims, are designed to provide a polished and finished look. They wrap around the outer corners of window reveals and door frames when hygiene panels have been installed. The design features a subtle slope that leads onto the panel. This creates a smooth and visually appealing finish that allows for easy cleaning and prevents the build-up of dirt or bacteria.

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, external corner trims offer added protection to the edges of hygiene panels. This is done to guard against damage from normal wear and tear and to guarantee a sturdy and long-lasting installation. By using external corner trims, you can achieve a professional appearance while improving the functionality and durability of your hygienic wall panels.

Hygiene Panel Internal Corner:

Designed for use in the corners of rooms, internal angle trims (also known as internal corner trims) provide a polished finish between panels and walls. When installing, apply adhesive to the back of the trim and firmly press it into the corner. The trim has a subtle angle on the edge, creating a smooth transition between the panel and the trim.

The Benefits of Hygiene Panel Trims for Your Property

Hygiene panel trims are an indispensable component for the successful installation of hygienic wall panels, particularly in commercial properties, hospitals, and restaurants. These trims ensure a seamless and professional finish, enhancing the appearance and functionality of the panels. With four main types of trims – starter/end caps, H profiles, external corners, and internal corners – you can achieve a custom, polished look for any space requiring easy-to-clean, non-porous surfaces.

By understanding the unique features and installation processes of each trim type, you can confidently create a clean and sanitary environment for your property. Hygiene panel trims not only improve the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to the overall hygiene and ease of maintenance, making them a valuable addition to any project requiring hygienic wall panels.

At MB DIY, we offer a variety of Hygiene Panel Trims, including Starter Trim, Joints, External Corner, and Internal Corner for seamless and professional installations.

Please get in touch with a member of our sales team if you need assistance choosing the best hygiene trim for your requirements. They would be delighted to help.


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