Monday 9th December – 12 days of christmas…

Our Decor Business Development Manager Mick Noteyoung is retiring this Christmas, almost 24 years to the day he first started with us; he’s a real character and we won’t half miss him when he leaves us for his armchair, slippers and crosswords… (Sorry Mick, couldn’t resist!!)

Now Mick is well known as a bit of a performer, so here he is with one of his favourite Christmas songs; one of the other MB DIY staff got a bit carried away and let off a party blower over one of the lines, so all YOU GUYS have to do is guess the missing lyrics, follow the link in the post and enter your answer.

So without further ado – have a look at our hip hop happening cool dude in the MB DIY beanie – the Notorious M.I.C!!!

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