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MB Ultimo Tile Bathroom Wall Cladding

‘The ultimate in PVC tile panels’

The Decorwall Elegance Ultimo Tile range has been developed by MB to provide our customers with 7 stylish finish options in an extra-wide 50cm panel with a flush finish and highly realistic tile effect grouting.

In the short time since these panels were released, our Yorkshire Tile, Cleveland Tile and Angus Tile panels have emerged as real favourites. Customers have also combined different panels to create unique and stunning designs in their rooms.

 The Decorwall Elegance Ultimo Tile panels are 2700mm long, 500mm wide and 8mm thick.

When fitting the MB Decorwall Ultimo Tile panels, we recommend cutting from the bottom to ensure the best lining up of grout lines possible. The potential fitting tolerance ranges from 0.1mm to 1mm.

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