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Dumawall XL | Waterproof PVC Shower Panels

The Dumawall XL range – PVC wall tiles, but bigger!

Our Dumawall XL range are large size, watertight wall coverings. The quick and easy installation is what makes these wall panels so special. Thanks to the extremely large surface of the individual panels you can cover a significantly wider area of the wall. In addition, the massive, UV resistant panels can easily be glued onto old tiles.

This range has been designed with a tongue and groove connection system, which allows the panels to easily fit together. This allows you to span any required width and will save a huge amount of time compared to traditional ceramic tiling. Once in place, your wall will exude the natural charm of a genuine tiled wall. You will be able to enjoy your new wall without the discomfort of dirty or broken cement joints.

The Dumawall XL range is 100% waterproof. So, installing them in wet rooms is not a problem at all. To the contrary, thanks to the wider surface of the individual panels, this range is extremely suitable for use in the shower or bathroom.

A major advantage of this range is its sustainability. Dumawall XL offers you a permanent interior solution in dry and wet rooms- plus it comes with a 10-year warranty!

There are four designs available in this range and each panel is 2600mm long, 900mm wide and 5mm thick.

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