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Borg BL2201 – Push Button Code Lock & Tubular Latch


  • Application: Timber Door, Composite Door; Ideal for internal wooden or composite doors.
  • Colour: Brass, Satin Chrome
  • Latch: 50mm tubular latch, 60mm tubular latch, 70mm tubular latch
  • Handle Type: Knob turn
  • Duty Rating: Light duty
  • Latch type: Tubular latch
  • Function: Automated locking activates until the correct code is entered.
  • Security: Anti-thrust latch with over 8,000 combinations.
  • Durability: Cycle tested to 50,000 operations.
  • Convenience: Holdback function allows door to stay open.
  • Series: Part of the BL2000 Series, designed for restricted access areas.
  • Use: Suited for light-duty access control solutions.
  • Fixing Template
  • Installation Guide
  • Code Change


  • Automated Locking: It secures automatically until the correct code is entered, making it suitable for locations where access needs to be controlled.
  • Anti-thrust Latch: It features an anti-thrust latch offering over 8,000 combinations, enhancing its security against unauthorized access.
  • Cycle Tested: The lock is cycle tested to 50,000 operations, ensuring its durability and reliability in high-traffic areas.
  • Holdback Function: This model includes a holdback function that allows the door to remain open when needed, facilitating free movement without compromising security.
  • Patented Code Change Method: The BL2201 ECP variant stands apart with its patented “On the door” code change method, significantly simplifying the code change process. This innovation eliminates the need to remove tumblers from the back of the keypad, reducing a potentially lengthy process to mere seconds.
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The Borg BL2201 Push Button Code Lock, enhanced with a Tubular Latch, sets a new standard for security and convenience on internal timber or composite doors, ideal for locations needing controlled access. As a proud member of the BL2000 Series, it is specifically tailored for environments where restricted entry is crucial. This lock set is available in sophisticated Brass and Satin Chrome finishes, providing versatility to complement any door design. With latch sizes of 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm available, it ensures a customizable fit to accommodate various door thicknesses.

Designed for ease of operation, the Borg BL2201 features a knob turn handle and a light-duty design, promoting a user-friendly experience for securing doors. The integration of a tubular latch mechanism with an automatic locking function, which engages until the correct code is entered, enhances security by preventing unauthorized access. This is further supported by an anti-thrust latch, which effectively counters forced entry attempts.

Remarkably secure, the Borg BL2201 offers over 8,000 possible code combinations, drastically reducing the likelihood of code compromise. Its robustness is proven through rigorous cycle testing, enduring over 50,000 operations to guarantee longevity and reliable performance in high-traffic areas. Such durability ensures the lock’s suitability for frequent use, maintaining its integrity and security over time.

Additionally, the lock is equipped with a holdback function, allowing doors to remain open for convenient access—a feature particularly useful in settings where doors need to stay unlocked temporarily. This function, combined with the lock’s design for light-duty access control, makes the Borg BL2201 an excellent choice for securing internal doors in both residential and commercial properties. Its ease of use, combined with high security and flexible installation options, positions it as a top solution for areas requiring controlled access.