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Kerrafront 301 Trend Ivory Soft External Cladding (320mm x 2950mm)

Transform the outside of your home with the innovative Kerrafront 301 Trend Ivory Soft External Cladding. This contemporary exterior cladding surpasses conventional options such as wood, offering the advantage of low maintenance.

Product Specifications Overview:

  • Total Width: 359mm
  • Usable Width: 320mm
  • Available Lengths: CONNEX: 2.95m
  • Quantity in the Package: Panels are sold individually.
  • Square Metres per Package:
    • CONNEX: 0.94 m²
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Enhance your building’s exterior with the serene and elegant Kerrafront Trend Ivory Soft External Cladding. This premium cladding solution brings a touch of soft, warm ivory to the facade, paired with the advanced CONNEX system for an installation that is both straightforward and seamless, eliminating the need for additional connectors.

The cladding offers substantial coverage with a total width of 359mm and a usable width of 320mm, designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of any structure significantly. Each panel is carefully crafted to a length of 2.95m, allowing for an efficient installation that can seamlessly cover larger areas. Sold individually, these panels provide a coverage of 0.94 m² each, facilitating precise planning and procurement to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Central to this product’s innovative design is the CONNEX system, a state-of-the-art approach to panel assembly. This system incorporates uniquely designed hooks at each panel’s ends, promoting a fast, effortless connection. The true ingenuity of the CONNEX system lies in its ability to render connections nearly invisible, achieving a smooth, continuous surface that markedly enhances the visual charm of the building’s exterior.

Opting for the single board FS-301 variant is a choice for those valuing subtle elegance and functional excellence. Ideal for both updating existing facades and spearheading new projects, this cladding solution stands out for its harmonious blend of the gentle allure of ivory soft with the cutting-edge functionality of the CONNEX system, ensuring your building’s exterior is transformed into a vision of contemporary grace and architectural distinction.

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Kerrafront 301 Trend Ivory Soft External Cladding (320mm x 2950mm)