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Kerrafront 301 Trend Mastic Soft External Cladding (320mm x 2950mm)

The Kerrafront Trend Mastic Soft External Cladding presents a cutting-edge approach to contemporary facade styling, blending visual attractiveness with practical advantages. Its maintenance-free characteristic, rooted in the sophisticated Kerracore Technology, marks it as an exceptionally long-lasting and weather-proof choice.

Product Specifications Overview:

  • Total Width: 359mm
  • Usable Width: 320mm
  • Available Lengths: CONNEX: 2.95m
  • Quantity in the Package: Panels are sold individually.
  • Square Metres per Package:
    • CONNEX: 0.94 m²
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Elevate the exterior of your building with the understated elegance of Kerrafront Trend Mastic Soft External Cladding. This sophisticated cladding solution offers a refined aesthetic in a soft mastic hue, combined with the streamlined efficiency of the CONNEX system, ensuring a seamless installation without the requirement for additional connecting accessories.

Boasting a total width of 359mm and a usable width of 320mm, this cladding provides ample coverage that enhances the visual appeal of any structure. Each panel, precisely manufactured to a length of 2.95m, is designed for an effortless installation experience, capable of covering large areas with a refined finish. The panels are available for individual purchase, offering a coverage of 0.94 m² each, enabling accurate and efficient planning for projects of any scale.

The innovative CONNEX system is at the core of this product’s design, showcasing a novel approach to panel connectivity. With special hooks located at the ends of each panel, the system allows for quick, seamless connections, streamlining the installation process. This system’s brilliance lies in its capacity to create connections that are virtually invisible, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted surface that significantly enhances the building’s exterior aesthetics.

Choosing the single board FS-301 variant signifies a dedication to combining serene beauty with functional design. Perfect for both renovation and new construction projects, this cladding solution excels in merging the tranquil charm of mastic soft with the practical innovation of the CONNEX system, making it an outstanding choice for achieving a contemporary and cohesive exterior façade.

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Kerrafront 301 Trend Mastic Soft External Cladding (320mm x 2950mm)