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Kerrafront 201 Wood Effect Caramel Oak External Cladding (180mm x 2950mm)

Discover Kerrafront Wood Design Caramel Oak Cladding for durability, energy efficiency, and easy installation with the CONNEX system. Enjoy a maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing facade.

Product Specifications Overview:

  • Total Width: 219mm
  • Usable Width: 180mm
  • Available Lengths: CONNEX: 2.95m
  • Quantity in the Package: Panels are sold individually.
  • Square Metres per Package:
    • CONNEX: 0.53 m²
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£45.00 Inc VAT

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Elevate your exterior design with the distinctive Kerrafront 201 Wood Effect Caramel Oak External Cladding, a choice that blends the luxurious warmth of oak with the practicality and ease of modern installation techniques. This cladding solution, featuring the CONNEX system, streamlines the fitting process, enabling a seamless, connector-free facade that speaks volumes of elegance and sophistication.

Crafted to meet the highest standards of both beauty and functionality, this cladding presents a total width of 219mm and a usable width of 180mm. The dimensions are chosen to ensure not just coverage but also an aesthetic that captivates and impresses. Each panel, meticulously measured to 2.95m in length, is designed for an efficient installation process, covering your project’s needs with precision and style. The panels are sold individually, providing a coverage of 0.53 m² each, which allows for detailed, project-specific purchasing and planning.

The CONNEX system lies at the heart of this product’s innovative design. It employs a unique mechanism of special hooks at each panel’s ends, facilitating a quick, effortless, and seamless assembly. This system is particularly noteworthy for its ability to create connections that are virtually invisible, ensuring a smooth, continuous surface that greatly enhances the visual appeal of the building’s exterior.

Opting for the single board FS-201 variant signifies a commitment to combining the timeless beauty of Caramel oak with the latest in cladding technology. Ideal for both new builds and renovation projects, this cladding solution offers an unmatched blend of visual allure and installation efficiency through its innovative CONNEX system. Transform your building’s exterior into a showcase of contemporary design and architectural finesse with this exquisite cladding option.

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Kerrafront 201 Wood Effect Caramel Oak External Cladding (180mm x 2950mm)