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MB Standard Thumb Turn Half Cylinder – 40/10/5


  • Thumb turn operation allows for keyless access from one side, ideal for secure yet convenient entry.
  • Finished in elegant Silver, this half cylinder complements any modern door hardware.
  • Designed specifically for applications requiring controlled access, such as private offices, storage rooms, or certain residential areas where keyless entry from one side is advantageous.
  • Features a thumb turn on the first size listed, simplifying installation and usage. For instance, in a 35/45 cylinder configuration, the thumb turn is located on the 35 side.
  • Supplied with 3 keys, providing backup access options and flexibility for multiple users, despite its keyless feature on one side.
  • Suitable for garage doors.


  • Keyless thumb turn operation enhances convenience, making it perfect for high-traffic areas where easy access is frequently needed.
  • The Silver finish offers both aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Facilitates straightforward access control for various applications, offering a balance between security and accessibility.
  • The inclusion of 3 keys allows for traditional keyed access when necessary, adding an extra layer of versatility and security.
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The MB Standard Thumb Turn Half Cylinder represents a fusion of convenience and security, tailored for environments where controlled access is paramount. With its thumb turn feature for keyless entry on one side and the supply of 3 keys for traditional access, this lock offers flexibility and ease of use in a sleek Silver finish.

Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, it ensures secure access control with the added benefit of easy installation. Whether you’re looking to secure a private area or streamline entry to a frequently accessed space, the MB Standard Thumb Turn Half Cylinder provides a reliable and elegant solution.

*To measure your door cylinder, start at the front of the keyhole and measure to the centre of the cam or screw hole. As an example, we note these measurements as 45/50, meaning the front to the centre distance is 45, and the total cylinder length is 95.

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