Maxi Shower Panel Ranges

Every MB Maxi shower panel is 900mm wide, 2400mm long and 10mm thick.

The MB Showerwall range panels are the perfect solution for any bathroom, shower enclosure or wet room requiring an alternative to traditional ceramic tiling. These high-quality, PVC panels are attractive as well as durable and offer several benefits:

MB Showerwall panels are of course 100% waterproof. Complimentary trims are available to ensure the joins are sealed correctly, whilst still pleasing aesthetically.

No grouting is required with these shower panels, making them very low maintenance. Having no grout eradicates the potential for build-up of mould, resulting in a more hygienic, cleaner panel.

Extremely easy to clean as all panels have a smooth finish meaning no cracks or pores on the surface. This allows the panels to be effectively cleaned with just a simple wipe down with a warm cloth.

No specialist tools are required to fit these shower panels, all you need are a few basic DIY tools. This results in a quick and easy installation that is much simpler than fitting traditional ceramic tiles.


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When using the MB Maxi & XL Shower Panels we recommend you use the following trims. To ensure your panels are 100% water tight a thin bead of silicone should be used inside the trim then the panel should be inserted into the trim. Once this silicone has dried the shower enclosure is then ready to use. This will give you a beautiful wet room or shower enclosure which is 100% waterproof.

10mm Metal Trims

10mm MB MAxi & XL plastic trims