Window Hardware

Our selection of window hardware features products from some of the most popular suppliers in the UK. These window handles are a perfect replacement for your old handles which might be discoloured or tarnished over the years.You can use these handles as a finishing touch to your brand new windows. This is an affordable finishing touch which is perfect for any budget.If your a manufacturer or just a DIYer having trouble with window hinges. our friction hinges are a perfect replacement no matter who you are.

We have a massive warehouse and can accommodate even the largest customers. Our excellent customer service means you’ll get your products promptly with a professional level of service.For Trade we have accessories which are perfect for installing windows, including our window packers available in various sizes. We really do cater for everyone at MB DIY.

Once your windows are fitted why not check out our door hardware?


Friction Hinges

Restrictor Hinges

Hinge Protectors


Window Stays