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Pergolas & Verandas

Upgrade your outdoor space with the stylish Deeplas Oasis Pergolas & Verandas. These cool structures make your backyard look fancy while also being super useful. They help you enjoy your outdoor area in any weather, rain or shine. Made from strong aluminium, Oasis Pergolas & Verandas are built to last and won’t give you a hard time with upkeep. They’re a great addition to your home that’s both tough and easy to care for. Discover Oasis PERGOLAS & VERANDAS, featuring a stunning range of options, including Corner Pergola, Aluminium Pergola, Glass Roof Pergola, and Grey Pergola designs, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Oasis Pergolas

OASIS PERGOLAS & VERANDAS provide the ultimate outdoor living experience, combining unparalleled flexibility and comfort. Equipped with a remote control, customers can seamlessly adjust the louvres in the roof to achieve the ideal balance of light, shade, and airflow. This innovative design empowers users to tailor their outdoor experience to their liking.


During the warm summer months, Oasis pergolas present a versatile option for enjoying both the sunshine and cool shade. As the seasons change, these pergolas continue to provide exceptional value with their waterproof roofs, keeping users protected from rain and snow throughout winter.


OASIS PERGOLAS & VERANDAS come in six different sizes to accommodate a wide range of spaces. The smallest model measures 3 x 3.01 meters, while the largest spans an impressive 4.95 x 3.5 meters. Choose the perfect size to transform your outdoor area into a stunning oasis, no matter the time of year.

Oasis Deluxe Pergolas

Discover the deluxe Oasis pergola, designed to offer the perfect outdoor experience in any weather. This versatile pergola allows you to bask in the open air while offering the option to cover up at a moment’s notice with just the touch of a button. Whether you’re seeking shelter from the sun or protection from the rain, Oasis ensures a comfortable outdoor living experience year-round.

Choose from eleven different sizes to find the perfect fit for your space, with the smallest model measuring 3 x 3.02 meters and the largest extending to 4 x 6.08 meters. No matter the size, Oasis pergolas cater to your needs and preferences.

Enhance your outdoor area even further with the optional LED light strip, which adds a touch of ambiance to your space as the sun sets. With both lighting and cover options, Oasis pergolas provide a truly customizable and enjoyable outdoor living experience for everyone.

Oasis Pergolas: Bespoke & Customisable Elegant Outdoor Spaces

Oasis Pergolas offers a wide range of bespoke and customisable outdoor spaces designed to suit your unique style and taste. Among the popular option is the Corner Pergola, which is perfect for making the most of smaller or irregularly shaped outdoor spaces. Designed to fit snugly, this pergola style can transform an underutilised area into a welcoming and comfortable retreat. With the Corner Pergola, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of your garden while maximizing the available space.

Another popular option is the Aluminium Pergolas which are highly sought-after for their durability and low-maintenance characteristics. The sleek and modern design of an Aluminium Pergola can seamlessly blend with any contemporary outdoor setting. Unlike wooden pergolas, Aluminium Pergolas are resistant to corrosion, rot, and insect infestations, ensuring a long-lasting and worry-free addition to your outdoor oasis.

If you’re looking to create a breezy outdoor space while ensuring protection from the rain, the Glass Roof Pergola is the ideal choice for you. With its transparent glass roof, this pergola’s design allows ample sunlight to filter through while providing shelter from the elements. Whether you’re enjoying a warm summer day or watching the rain fall, the Glass Roof Pergola lets you stay close to nature all year round.

When it comes to colour choices, grey pergolas are the most popular. The neutral shade of a grey pergola goes well with many outdoor designs and landscaping styles. This helps you make a nice-looking and matching look. Besides, grey pergolas are flexible and can be used with different materials. When you use them with an aluminium pergola, this pretty colour will make your outdoor area look even better.

Oasis Verandas

Dive into the world of Oasis Verandas, where two stunning styles await to elevate your outdoor living experience. Choose between the Glass Veranda, showcasing a beautiful, glazed roof, and the Polycarbonate Veranda, featuring a durable polycarbonate roof with four enticing colour options. Add a personal touch to your veranda with three frame colours and two styles of legs, guttering, and footplates. These elegant structures can be installed as an extension of your property or as a freestanding unit in your outdoor space.

For those who often mix up pergolas and verandas, here’s a simple explanation: a pergola is a freestanding structure that can be placed in almost any outdoor area with ample space, while a veranda is attached to your home, typically used to create a luxurious, sheltered patio area that seamlessly transitions to the outdoors.

Oasis Verandas come in three widths and five depths, accommodating various spaces with sizes ranging from a compact 4.06 x 2.50 meters to a spacious 6.06 x 6 meters. Each veranda boasts a sturdy aluminium frame in three appealing colours: white textured, cream white, or grey textured. Make your outdoor area truly your own with an Oasis Veranda, customized to reflect your individual style and taste.

Oasis Verandas with Glazed Roof

Experience the beauty of nature from the comfort of an Oasis Glass Veranda. This stunning design allows you to bask in the sun and gaze at the stars under a crystal-clear glass roof. These verandas are designed to elevate your outdoor experience and spark a sense of luxury.

With an Oasis Glass Veranda, you can appreciate the outdoors while being sheltered from unfavourable weather. The transparent glass roof ensures that natural light still floods into your home’s windows, maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the elegance of outdoor living with an Oasis Glass Veranda, offering the perfect balance of comfort and connection to nature.

Oasis Verandas with Polycarbonate Roof

Introducing the Oasis Polycarbonate Roof Veranda, the ultimate customizable solution for your outdoor living space. This meticulously designed veranda offers a balance of style, functionality, and adaptability to cater to your unique preferences.

Choose from three roof colour options to achieve the perfect ambiance for your outdoor area. Select a clear or ultra-clear roof for unobstructed views of the sky and surrounding trees, immersing yourself in nature. Alternatively, if you desire sun protection while maintaining ample natural light, opt for an opal or solar control roof.

Discover Oasis PERGOLAS & VERANDAS, featuring a range of options, including Corner Pergola, Aluminium Pergola, Glass Roof Pergola, and Grey Pergola designs.

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