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Discover our Roof Lantern range, with options like the Skypod, the Flat Roof, and the premium Korniche. Crafted in UPVC, Aluminium, and Glass, these lanterns are perfect for infusing any room with daylight and elevating its design. Known as Skylights, they are specifically designed to fit into flat roofs. This will provide an enhancement in natural lighting as well as broadening of the perceived space. They offer a clear, panoramic view of the sky above. Discover how Skylights can transform your space, offering superior illumination and an elegant aesthetic upgrade.


Aesthetic and Practical Benefits 

Skylights are celebrated for their ability to enhance natural lighting in any interior. Additionally, they boast an impressive 30% more natural light influx compared to traditional flat windows. Consequently, this increase in daylight not only elevates the aesthetics of a space but also offers tangible practical benefits. Moreover, it diminishes the dependence on artificial lighting, leading to potential energy cost savings. From an architectural standpoint, these lanterns provide a unique and striking dimension. Furthermore, they create an illusion of greater height and spaciousness. Importantly, they are pivotal in transforming ordinary rooms into visually stunning and extraordinary spaces. Their elegant designs and the dramatic infusion of natural light are key.

Types of Roof Lanterns

We offer a diverse range of Skylights, each designed to cater to different architectural needs and aesthetic preferences. Our collection includes the Skypod Lantern Roofs, Flat Roof Lanterns, and Korniche Roof Lanterns. Each offers unique features and benefits.

Skypod Roof Lantern:

Specifically, the Skypod Roof Lantern, known for their sleek, modern design, are now available in both uPVC and Aluminium options. They cater to diverse architectural preferences. Their design allows for maximum light entry, creating bright and airy spaces. Ideal for a variety of applications, Skypods are particularly effective in extensions and orangeries. Consequently, they enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of these spaces. Their design offers a visual upgrade while contributing to the overall ambiance of any room they’re installed in. This makes them a popular choice for modern living spaces.



Korniche Roof Lantern:

The Korniche Roof Lantern is exclusively available in Aluminium. It is renowned for merging aesthetic appeal with structural strength. It offers a visually appealing aesthetic and enduring performance. Thus, it’s a top choice for new building projects and refurbishment works. These Korniche Lanterns are noted for their refined design and durability. Moreover, it enhances spaces while ensuring long-term value.

Flat Roof Lantern:

Similarly, the Flat Roof Lantern is ideal for those preferring an understated look. It does not compromise on natural light. Its design blends with flat roofs, preserving the property’s original aesthetic. The Flat Roof Lantern enhances light entry while maintaining a low-profile appearance. It suits various architectural styles well. Its integration appears seamless, enhancing interior brightness and ambiance.

Materials and Design Options

At the heart of our Skylight designs lies a selection of materials chosen for their qualities and how they contribute to the overall performance. For example, aluminium offers premium durability, uPVC versatility, and Glass clarity. Moreover, each material enhances the aesthetics and functionality of our Skylights. Consequently, Skylights stand between form and function, setting a benchmark for style and performance.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns:

Aluminium Roof Lanterns blend premium quality with exceptional durability. They suit aesthetics and longevity. Importantly, these lanterns offer a sleek, modern look for various architectural styles. Aluminium’s strength ensures lanterns withstand the elements. They provide long-lasting performance without compromising style. Additionally, their design versatility allows integration into both contemporary and traditional settings. This makes them a versatile choice for various property types.

uPVC Roof Lanterns:

Moreover, uPVC Roof Lanterns offer a cost-effective, flexible option for homes. Their affordability makes them accessible. Furthermore, their adaptability allows easy integration with various designs. uPVC is known for its low maintenance, adding value for homeowners. These roof lanterns are durable and weather-resistant. They ensure longevity with minimal upkeep. Additionally, their economic efficiency and reliability make them a popular choice.

Glass Roof Lantern:

Similarly, our Glass Roof Lantern excels in light entry and clarity. It uses glass for superior light transmission compared to polycarbonate or Perspex. This ensures an unobstructed view. Ideal for enhancing natural light, they offer a luminous solution. The glass panels add elegance, elevating any room’s aesthetic.

Customisation and Architectural Integration:

Our Skylights offer extensive customisation for unique home architecture. We provide a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles. Whether for a modern design or a traditional setting, our roof lanterns can be tailored. Consequently, they ensure a perfect match with your home’s design.

Instant Costing and Bespoke Measurement Options:

We offer competitive pricing and value for our Roof Lanterns. Pricing is transparent, with instant costing available on our product pages. This feature allows quick access to tailored pricing information. For bespoke measurements, we offer personalised options. This ensures a perfect fit in size and budget.

Why Choose Our Roof Lanterns:

Choosing our Skylights means opting for excellence and reliability. We offer a 10-year guarantee for our products, including Korniche and Skypod. This reflects our dedication to exceeding expectations in durability and design. Our brand is known for exceptional customer support. This ensures a seamless experience from selection to installation.

For solutions crafted to your unique needs, contact us. Ready to start? Click here to access our easy-to-use quote page. Transform your home with MB DIY today!


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